Samples of Student Assessment Guide Activities

Each Student Assessment book also includes a Student Performance Assessment Record and detailed suggestions for obtaining optimal assessment results.

Sample Student-driven assessment, Kindergarten

What Letter is First?

Activities focus on the kindergarten-level skill requirement of Origin Letter Recognition.


Sample Student-driven
assessment, 1st grade

Word Family Activities

Activities focus on the 1st grade skill requirement of RIME.


Sample Student-driven Assessment, 2nd grade.

What Do You Remember?

Activities focus on the 2nd grade skill requirement of Making Predictions.


Sample Assessment, 3rd grade.

Who Said It?

Activities focus on the 3rd grade skill requirement of Recalling Details.


Sample Teacher-guided, Grades 2-3

Think About It

This is the teacher-guided activity based on Blooms 6 cognitive divisions of learning: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Activity can be used as a cooperative class lesson.


Research Based Student Assessments
Price: $6.95 per Assessment Guide

The Boy
Who Cried Wolf
The Frog Prince Cinderella A Different
Kind of Christmas
Hansel & Gretel

Little Red
Riding Hood
Rumplestiltskin Sleeping Beauty The Shoemaker
& the Elves
A Christmas Carol


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Highly acclaimed by elementary school educators, the Act Up To Read™ Enhanced Reading Program provides valuable stepping stones for young readers.  Supporting both Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory and Bloom's Taxonomy which identifies six domains of learning: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation.

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